MC Forge 开启多线程

July 7, 2020 • 游戏

关于MC Forge开启多线程优化

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进入Minecraft/Config 这里储存了各种用户configuration

用文本编辑器打开Forge的配置文件forge.cfg ,如果是较高版本,forge配置文件改成了`forge-client.toml ,内容大致如下(不同版本可能会有差异)

#Client only settings, mostly things related to rendering
    #Disable culling of hidden faces next to stairs and slabs. Causes extra rendering, but may fix some resource packs that exploit this vanilla mechanic.
    disableStairSlabCulling = false
    #Toggle off to make missing model text in the gui fit inside the slot.
    zoomInMissingModelTextInGui = false
    #Enable Forge to queue all chunk updates to the Chunk Update thread.
    #May increase FPS significantly, but may also cause weird rendering lag.
    #Not recommended for computers without a significant number of cores available.
    alwaysSetupTerrainOffThread = false
    #EXPERIMENTAL: Enable the Forge block rendering pipeline - fixes the lighting of custom models.
    experimentalForgeLightPipelineEnabled = false
    #Enable the Forge block rendering pipeline - fixes the lighting of custom models.
    forgeLightPipelineEnabled = true
    #When enabled, Forge will show any warnings that occurred during loading.
    showLoadWarnings = true
    #Enable uploading cloud geometry to the GPU for faster rendering.
    forgeCloudsEnabled = true
    #When enabled, makes specific reload tasks such as language changing quicker to run.
    selectiveResourceReloadEnabled = true


alwaysSetupTerrainOffThread = false




测试CPU为志强E3-1231 V3 4Core 8Thread


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